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Sandstruck in the UAE’ is a student driven resource, which unifies all the worthwhile elements of good learning and teaching a vitally contextualized way. Not only will this ready-to-use resource reduce teacher prep time but, ultimately, ‘Sandstruck’ will deliver a powerful learning tool to each of your pupils. Creative design and layout of activities encourage meta cognitive learning.


Interactive characters- Saif The Questioner, Sarah The Artist and Fatima The Team Player- invite children to muse, ponder, question and reflect beyond the page.


Sandstruck promotes:

  • Critical thinking and higher levels of creativity

  • Cross curricular links with Arabic

  • Awareness and appreciation of the unique culture of the UAE


Parental engagement can also be significantly increased with exciting extension activities; allowing parents to discover their children’s interests, skills and talents as they audit the Creativity Menu at home.


Adopted as a valuable resource in schools such as JESS, Arabian Ranches, Jebel Ali Primary School, Latiffa School for Girls, Safa International School, Sharjah American International and others, Sandstruck promotes a culturally creative curriculum.


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Lubna Sarwar

Lubna Sarwar is a thinker, dramatist, teacher and learning designer. During her 31 years in education, Lubna has worked with organizations as diverse as the Manchester Council for Community Relations, Karachi Grammar School, UNESCO, Emirates International School, and London’s Big Wheel Theatre in Education.


It was as Advisory Teacher for the Highly Able & Talented (HAT) Programme that Lubna researched and developed Sandstruck in the UAE, a multi-levelled resource pack unique in design, concept and content with its underlying aim to revitalize the Primary School Curriculum. It encourages self-directed learning as well as a deeper understanding of the Emirati culture and language.

Radina Galabova

Radina is a Dubai based graphic designer, currently working at Socialize Agency as a Head of Creative Design. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, she moved at a young age to Dubai and has had the pleasure of seeing the city grow before her eyes into the blossoming metropolis it is today.


Her close experiences with the local culture made her excited about working on a project that would be able to open the doors to a more fun exploration of the UAE's history and traditions in a way that has never been done before.


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